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6-Color "Fantasy Rock" - A Nickname given to an Exotic Combination of Highly Fluorescent M

We're still finding mysteries in the wide assortment of fluorescent minerals from Greenland. This piece has two nodules of radiating natrolite which are quite rare to find on their own, but below one is a new fluorescent mineral (albeit small) that I've not seen before.

The main minerals on this piece are tugtupite (cherry red SW) forming eyes around chkalovite (magenta to white), sodalite (orange), analcime (blue), and the natrolite (green).

Closeups below show the natrolite nodules and an enlargement of the area of unknown fluorescent. Below that the large pic is a shortwave shot of the entire rock. The gallery shows white light views along with an animation of the tenebrescent sodalite areas.

From the Ilimaussaq Complex, Taseq Slope, South Greenland

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