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Meta-Autunite Torbernite 'Green Garden' from Portugal

Here a beautiful mix of Autunite and Torbernite from Assunçao (Portugal).

On a gray rock matrix are several crystals of Meta-Autunite (yellow and yellow-green) and some cristal of Torbernite (dark-green). The specimen is well covered and the matrix just pops up in a few little spots.

Meta-Autunite and Torbernite crystals have grown to form a sort of green garden.

Fluorescence is quite common in all Autunite and Meta-Autunite.

It fluoresces the usual green under all wavelength and Torbernite does not fluoresces at all. Copper acts as killer of fluorescence.

It's strongly radioactive. I measured about 60uSv/h at 10cm distance.

Dim: 80 x 62 x 46 mm / Weight: 136g

(Photos by, and from the collection of Stefano Buzzoni)

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