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Fluorite, Rampgill mine, Cumbria, England

Numerous mines in Northern England have produced beautiful fluorite specimens. Of interest to fluorescent mineral collectors is that some of these fluorites are among the brightest fluorescing examples of the species found anywhere. The bright blue fluorescence of these English fluorites is activated by the presence of trace amounts of the rare earth element europium in the fluorite crystal structure. The Rampgill mine, located in Nenthead, Cumbria, England, is a former lead mine that has produced brightly fluorescent specimens of fluorite. The example shown here is from the Rampgill mine, and shows a bright blue fluorescent response that is typical for many Northern England fluorites. This cluster of fluorite cubes measures 36 x 34 x 20 mm, and weighs 26 grams.

Cluster of bright blue fluorescing fluorite cubes from the Rampgill mine, seen under short wave UV (254nm).

Same specimen showing bright blue fluorescent response under long wave UV (365nm). As is the case with most, if not all English fluorites, this specimen fluoresces most brightly under long wave UV.

Visible light image of same specimen showing the natural yellow/brown color of the fluorite crystals.

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