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Multi-Wavelength Fluorite from Aouli, Morocco

This gemmy cluster of yellow fluorite cubes from Aouli, Morocco makes a nice display specimen under normal light. Under UV, however, it also shows an interesting multi-colored/multi-wavelength fluorescent response. Under short wave UV the fluorite cubes show creamy/white fluorescence, and glow a deep, saturated blue under long wave UV. The size of this showy specimen is 48 x 43 x 35 mm, and it weighs 67 grams.

Views of the specimen under visible light (top), short wave UV (lower left) and long wave UV (lower right).

Located in the Atlas Mountians, the Aouli area of Morocco is home to numerous lead and zinc mines, most established by the French during the 1930s, but all are now closed.

Full size views of the same specimen. Mouse over the scrolling images for wavelength information.

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