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Two-Color Calcite and Willemite from a New Find- The Night Hawk Mine in New Mexico

This exceptional two-color fluorescent specimen was collected by notable New Mexico collectors Ken and Gail Hennig from a new find in Socorro County, New Mexico. This rock consists of blue/green fluorescent willemite and red fluorescent calcite with other non-fluorescent accessory minerals including vanadinite and galena. The willemite and calcite fluoresce brightly under short wave UV only, and the willemite shows lasting phosphorescence after the lamp is turned off. This specimen measures 58 x 44 x 30 mm, and weighs 82 grams.

Ken and Gail collected this piece from the Night Hawk mine, a location not previously known for producing fluorescent minerals. Located near Magdalena, Socorro County, New Mexico, the Night Hawk mine is part of a larger group of mines collectively known as the Jack Frost Group, or simply as the Jack Frost mine. Production at the Jack Frost mine began in 1925 and the primary commodities were lead, zinc, silver and copper. The mine has been closed for decades, and was just recently found to be a productive source for fluorescent minerals by Ken and Gail.

Beautiful two-color specimen from the Night Hawk mine, seen under short wave UV. The calcite fluoresces red and the willemite shows a pale blue/green response.

The scrolling images show the blue/green phosphorescence of the willemite after exposure to short wave UV.

Same specimen seen under visible light.

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