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Rare Margarosanite, Franklin, New Jersey

Margarosanite is a rare calcium lead silicate mineral that shows a beautiful short wave fluorescent response that ranges from blue/white to pastel shades of purple, pink and lavender. For these reasons it is one of the most coveted (and expensive) fluorescent minerals. First discovered in the Parker Shaft of the famous Franklin mine, in Franklin, Sussex County, New Jersey, this remains the classic location for the species. Margarosanite is also found at some of the mines in Filipstad, Värmland County, Sweden, such as Långban and Jakobsberg. The example featured here is from the type location, the Franklin mine, in Franklin, New Jersey.

This stunning specimen, seen above under short wave UV, features lavender to pink margarosanite, green willemite, red manganaxinite and tan-fluorescing prehnite.

Same specimen, seen under visible light. This piece measures 79 x 32 x 25 mm, and weighs 106 grams.

Reverse side of same specimen, showing fluorescence under short wave UV.

Reverse side of same specimen, shown under visible light.

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