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Fluorescent Willemite and Dolomite from the Aroona Zinc Mine, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

This beautiful fluorescent rock from the Aroona Zinc Mine, Leigh Creek, Flinders Ranges, South Australia features willemite and dolomite. The size of this specimen is 89 x 67 x 52 mm, and it weighs 370 grams.

The Aroona Mine is located approximately 11 km to the NW of the better known Puttapa Zinc Mine, another notable location for fluorescent Australian minerals.

As shown in the above photograph, taken under short wave UV (254 nm), blue and green fluorescent willemite and red dolomite dominate this specimen from the Aroona Zinc Mine.

The willemite shows bright and lasting blue and green phosphorescence/afterglow following exposure to short wave UV (254 nm).

Same specimen shown under visible light.

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