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Calcite from Salaberry-De-Valleyfield, Quebec, Canada

Years ago, some really nice golden calcite crystals were found in a small occurrence in the vicinity of Salaberry-De-Valleyfield. The specimens collected there are really nice both in daylight and under UV; and since we rarely hear about mineral specimens from that region, either "daylight" specimens and fluorescent minerals, this specimen, while not being the brightest in my collection, is definitely one of my favorites.

It consists of two generations of calcite on a dolostone matrix; the tiny, colorless first-generation crystals barely fluoresce, but the golden calcite crystals of the second generation show a nice response under longwave. Under midwave (second picture), the response is weaker; and under shortwave, the response is a very weak rusty orange (too dim to be worth being shown). This small, now depleted occurrence produced some much better specimens than mine, but sadly this is the only one I could get. Still a pretty decent display piece.

Size: 7.8 cm x 5.6 cm x 4.8 cm

Longwave UV response.

Midwave UV

Specimen shown in white light.

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