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Chabazite from the Laurentians, Quebec, Canada

Here is a nice little cabinet specimen of quite brightly fluorescing chabazite crystals, on an orthogneiss matrix, from a secret locality in the Upper Laurentians (Hautes-Laurentides); since the locality has been discovered by someone else, who kindly invited me to help working the site, I cannot disclose the exact place.

Under shortwave, the response is the brightest, but the chabazite fluoresces only green, and the feldspar shows the typical dull red SW response; under midwave, yellow crystals of a second-generation crystallization glow a dim blue; and first-generation transluscent white crystals glow moderately bright green. Under longwave, the response of the second-generation yellow crystals is weak orange, and the white crystals, weak green. The intensity of the green SW response of the chabazite is comparable to that of Mont Saint-Hilaire natrolite, a well known reference.

In the slideshow below, the specimen is shown, respectively, under shortwave UV, then midwave, longwave and visible light. Then, closeup pictures are shown in the same order; and lastly, the back of the specimen is shown under SW, LW then visible light (MW is similar to LW but weaker). Some pearly white unidentified mineral glows relatively bright reddish-pink under SW, and blueish-white LW; feldspar (dull red SW) and chabazite (green SW) are also present. I will, as soon as possible, have a sample of the unidentified mineral analyzed, and will update the post.

Small cabinet sized specimen - 7,2 cm X 6,9 cm X 4,9 cm


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