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Clinohedrite, Hardystonite, Willemite, and Calcite, Franklin Mine, Franklin, New Jersey

This spectacular, 4-colored, fluorescent specimen is from the famous Franklin Mine, Franklin, Sussex County, New Jersey. Under short wave UV clinohedrite shows an orange response, hardystonite purple/blue, willemite bright green, and minor amounts of calcite fluoresce red. Under visible light, pink-colored, non-fluorescent bustamite is the dominant mineral. This specimen was acquired from the collection of notable former Franklin miner and mineral dealer Nick Zipco. The size of this piece is 6.9 x 5.8 x 5.1 cm, 230 gms.

View of the specimen showing fluorescence under short wave UV (254 nm). the clinohedrite fluoresces orange, willemite green, hardystonite blue, and minor calcite red.

Same specimen shown under visible light. Note the pink-colored bustamite.

The late Nick Zipco, collector/dealer of this specimen, is shown at the Trotter Mine in 1976.

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