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Fluorescent combo from the Long Lake Zinc Mine, near Parham, Ontario, Canada

Shown here is a nice specimen of fluorescent calcitic marble from this well-known Canadian locale. The most abundant mineral is the red fluorescing calcite; generous amounts of yellow fluorescing chondrodite (some say it is apparently humite) and greenish-blue fluorescing diopside are present; and nice "lightning bolts" of bright blueish-white fluorescing aragonite make this specimen even better. While it is not the best material that came out of this occurrence, this is still a really nice cabinet-sized specimen.

I collected it in 2019, during a trip organized by the UV Nomads. It was one of my best finds.

Size: 16,2 cm X 10,5 cm X 5,5 cm

SW UV response

Visible light.

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