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Hackmanite, feldspar, astrophyllite, etc, from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada

Shown in the slideshow below is a nice combination piece consisting mostly of brightly fluorescing hackmanite, with some SW fluorescing feldspar (not really impressive - typical dull red SW response of feldspar), plus some unidentified brown mineral with a green SW response. The tenebrescence of this hackmanite specimen is quite mediocre, compared to average hackmanite specimens from MSH; however, some non-fluorescent radiating astrophyllite gives some extra beauty to the specimen in visible light. The shortwave fluorescence of this specimen is a bit brighter than usual; MSH hackmanite is usually quite dim under SW, even before the tenebrescence sets in. Its brighter than usual SW response is most likely due to the fact that most of this specimen is not tenebrescent.

Shown respectively in the slideshow: longwave, midwave and shortwave UV fluorescence, tenebrescence, then natural color.

Specimen collected in 2018.

Size: 14,5 cm X 12,9 cm X 8,6 cm

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