• Frédéric Messier Leroux

Polylithionite, leucophanite, albite, serandite, etc, from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada

Shown here is a really gorgeous combination of polylithionite, leucophanite, serandite and others, on albite crystals. As usual, the polylithionite fluoresces yellow under shortwave; the leucophanite crystals also react to SW but are at their best under MW. They also fluoresce a weak purplish-pink under longwave. The albite fluoresces the typical dull red SW response of feldspar; and under MW, small dots of red fluorescing calcite show up (also reactive to SW but much weaker).

Overall, this specimen is at its best under SW and MW combined; it is also really aesthetic in visible light. Shown in the first picture is the response under midwave and shortwave combined; then, in the next pictures, SW, MW, and LW are shown, then lastly, the specimen is shown in visible light.

Nice cabinet specimen, measuring 7,7 cm X 6,3 cm X 5,2 cm (largest leucophanite crystal: 7 mm)


Shortwave response.

Midwave only - the leucophanite and calcite show a notable reaction to midwave; the polylithionite shows a very weak yellowish/amber response, and the albite does not react, as usual.

Longwave UV response. Under longwave, only the leucophanite reacts, and glows pretty dimly. The purple seen here is indeed actual fluorescence and not mere lamp reflections - tested with a piece of polycarbonate between the UV lamp and the specimen.

Specimen shown in white light. Quite aesthetic display piece.

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