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Polylithionite rosette from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada

While not being of considerable size, this is one of the most aesthetic specimens in my collection. It consists of a well-formed rosette of polylithionite with a misshaped serandite crystal in the middle, with very small leucophanite crystals on its termination.

Under shortwave UV, the polylithionite glows yellow, the leucophanite bright pink (brighter under midwave), and a very small dot of red fluorescing calcite shows up (also best MW but pretty bright SW). Very pretty both under UV and in white light. This cutie is from the last significant find in MSH, the serandite-albite-polylithionite-leucophanite pocket found in 2003. Another specimen I posted, a really nice polylithionite-leucophanite-albite-serandite-calcite combo, also comes from this huge pocket.

Size: 4 cm X 3,9 cm X 1,5 cm

Shortwave UV fluorescence

Specimen shown in visible light.

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