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Tenebrescent blue sodalite, zircon, feldspar, etc, from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Québec, Canada

This is one of many specimens I recovered from a boulder in the quarry in Mont Saint-Hilaire in 2018. While it's far from being the best piece of blue sodalite I found that day, it is still one of the best specimens from that trip, because of all the bright yellow fluorescing zircon that shows up when the specimen is under shortwave UV. One of the best pieces of tenebrescent blue sodalite I found that day is shown in one of my other posts.

Size: 14,7 cm X 11,3 cm X 8,3 cm

Shown respectively in the slideshow below: Shortwave UV, midwave UV and longwave UV fluorescence, SW UV tenebrescence, and natural color.



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