Ultraviolation 2017 Show Report

It was o dark thirty on a fall Saturday morning as three fluorescent mineral collectors set off from Manassas, VA for Fairless Hills, PA. Two of us (John and Pat) live in the area and will be collecting with the silver pick. Our third comrade (Charles) drove from Kettering, OH and brought twenty or so flats of fluorescent rocks to sell. Charles collected these rocks in several locations in Arizona and New Mexico when he lived in those States. We had all been through this early morning drill before but it was not any easier to get going. However, once we get on the way it seems to always be worth the approximately 200 mile trip. Traffic in the Washington, DC – New York City corridor (as we call it here) is not too bad in the early hours of most Saturdays, so it was this day and we make it in good time (about 3.5 hours) arriving at 8:00 am. Coming back it was a different story (about 4.5 hours dodging the worst of traffic).

With visions of glowing rocks soon to pass from one collector to another, we quickly unload Charles’s boxes. Once proper relo