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Willemite and Calcite, Puttapa Zinc Mine, Australia

Classic fluorescent specimen from the Puttapa Zinc Mine, Leigh Creek, North Flinders Ranges, South Australia. This rock consists of a swirling mix of white, cream, red/brown and black minerals. The two major fluorescent species are calcite and willemite. Under short wave UV, a kaleidoscopic riot of colors is seen, typical for fluorescent specimens from the Puttapa Mine. This specimen measures 61 x 56 x 43 mm, and weighs 167 grams.

As shown above, under short wave UV (254 nm), the calcite fluoresces various shades of red, orange, pink and magenta, while the willemite shows a bright green response.

Following exposure to short wave UV, the willemite shows long-lasting green phosphorescence/afterglow.

A dim fluorescent response is also seen under mid wave UV (302 nm). This rock is inert under long wave UV (365 nm). Click on photo for larger image.

Same specimen, shown under visible light. Click on photo for larger image.



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