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Sodalite & var. Hackmanite - Badakhshan Afghanistan

Here are some samples of small cabinet specimens of Sodalite & var. Hackmanite from Badakhshan Afghanistan that I have been collecting. They range from 1.5” to 3.5”. They range from clear, lavender, purple, umber, green, teal, blue, gray, and black. The tenebrescence of the Hackmanaites take a very long time to wash out (sometimes days). If you leave them in the sun, they will never fade and stay purple. Under controlled white lighting, without any UV, the purple slowly fades and the color hues go through many transitions. Or if kept in the dark, the dark purple will remain indefinitely. Every UV wave length brings an interesting view into the colors of these fluorescent rocks. After turning the UV lamp off the phosphorescence is an intense very long lasting white with blue tints. This sequence of pictures is; Natural (if you can call it that), LW, MW, SW, SW+MW, FW, Tenebrescent. Photographed with a 16mm wide angle lens at F22 ISO 100.

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