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This rock proves there are some major discoveries waiting to be made in Afghanistan - Sodalite and W

How 'bout you grab your UV light, hop on a plane and head out to the mines in the remote mountains of Afghanistan. I guarantee you will discover a new "world-class" deposit of fluorescent minerals. Send us a postcard...

By now everyone is familiar with the sodalite (hackmanite) from Afghanistan; very tenebrescent, often phosphorescent, and sometimes nice crystals. This piece is a large crystal which has been wrapped by winchite. The winchite is what I find amazing here: under longwave it exhibits a beautiful greenish/blue fluorescence. Not all winchite does this - that's why we need you to hop on a plane and find the ones that do. There just aren't that many two-color longwave specimens around.

The sodalite is nicely tenebrescent but not as dark as others, and it fades pretty rapidly. It is also somewhat phosphorescent.


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