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Tremolite and Anthophyllite, Balmat, New York

Foliated layers of needle-like crystals of light pink tremolite and intergrown anthophyllite, from Balmat, St. Lawrence County, New York. This specimen is brightly fluorescent under UV. When viewed under short wave, the tremolite shows a bright orange response and the anthophyllite fluoresces a magenta/purple color. Long wave produces a more pastel response with subtle pink and peach tones. There is also minor talc present that fluoresces blue/white. The size of this specimen is 66 x 41 x 25 mm, and it weighs 84 grams.

Side A, short wave UV (254 nm).

Side A, long wave UV (365 nm).

Side A, visible light.

Side B, short wave UV (254 nm).

Side B, long wave UV (365 nm).

Side B, visible light.

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