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Miserite, Wollastonite, Aegirine (nf), Arkansas

Here's an interesting example of miserite, wollastonite, and aegirine from the Union Carbide Vanadium Mine, Potash Sulphur Springs, Garland County, Arkansas. The mine is the type locality for miserite, but also hosts some really interesting wollastonite. Perplexing is that the miserite appears to fluoresce yellow when it's alone or near the wollastonite, and green when it's near the aegirine. Quite a puzzlement. The wollastonite glows a dull brown under SW, but explodes in burnt orange under mid-wave. Shown in MW, MW + SW, SW and natural. No response under LW. The piece is a little over three inches at its longest. Allegedly from the A. L. Kidwell collection, for whatever that's worth. No offense to A. L. of course.

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