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Calcite and Celestine, Stoneco Quarry, Lime City, Ohio

This beautiful fluorescent specimen from the Midwest features a prominent doubly-terminated calcite crystal on a limestone matrix, surrounded by numerous smaller crystals of calcite and celestine. This specimen shows a similar bright fluorescent response under both short wave and long wave UV light, with the celestine and calcite showing bright blue/white fluorescence with blue/green (SW) and green (LW) phosphorescence. The limestone matrix fluoresces a dimmer cream/yellow color, and provides a lovely contrasting background to the more brightly fluorescent minerals. The size of this specimen is 48 x 29 x 28 mm.

The Stoneco Quarry in Lime City, Wood Co., Ohio, has been a prolific producer of fine fluorescent specimens consisting of combinations of calcite, celestine and strontianite.

The above composite image shows a close-up of the main calcite crystal (~13mm in length), surrounded by smaller calcite and celestine crystals, photographed under long wave UV (top) and visible light (bottom).

Click on each of the above images to see a larger view and UV wavelength information.

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