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Scheelite, Powellite, and other misc. non-fluorescent minerals from the Pine Creek Mine, Scheelite,

Under normal daylight, this is an unimpressive looking mottled rock containing grey, black, white, and reddish/brown minerals, from the Pine Creek Mine in the town of Scheelite, near Bishop, Inyo Co., California. It is a typical-looking ore specimen, containing scheelite, powellite, grossular garnet, chalcopyrite, and pyroxene. Under short wave UV however, the scheelite comes alive with bright white and blue/white fluorescence, with some regions of powellite showing a more yellowish response. Similar fluorescence is seen under mid wave UV, but the color is a more uniform off-white. This specimen is from the collection of noted dutch mineralogist Renaud Vochten, measures 75 x 75 x 63 mm, and weighs 616 grams.

The Pine Creek Mine dates back to 1918, and is a former W-Mo-Cu-Au-Ag-Bi mine located at an altitude of 11,000 feet in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, about 21 miles northwest of the town of Bishop.

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