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Calcite on Barite, Lockport, Kentucky

This is an interesting fluorescent specimen from a location previously unknown for producing fluorescent minerals- the Lockport Vein, Lockport, Henry County, Kentucky. Collected by Alan Goldstein, this piece consists of light honey-colored scalenohedral calcite crystals on a bed of white barite crystals with several dark sphalerite crystals. Under all UV wavelengths the calcite fluoresces orange/yellow, an uncommon color of fluorescence for calcite. The barite is only dimly fluorescent. The size of this specimen is 13.5 x 11.9 x 3.2 cm, and it weighs 567 grams.

The Lockport vein is a low temperature hydrothermal vein, located in north central Kentucky.

Close-up showing detail of the calcite crystals showing fluorescence under mid wave UV (302nm), and viewed under visible light.

Wider view of same specimen taken under mid wave UV (left) and visible light (right).

Full view of specimen, showing similar orange/yellow fluorescent response under all three UV wavelengths: short wave UV (upper left), mid wave UV (upper right), long wave UV (lower left), and visible light image (lower right).

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