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Tugtupite, Sodalite, and Other Favorites from the Tasseq Slope, Greenland

Brick-shaped rock consisting of white to light pink tugtupite, light colored sodalite (var. hackmanite), grey analcime, chkalovite and dark grains of non-fluorescent arfvedsonite. This specimen shows a complex, multi-colored fluorescent response under all UV wavelengths. Collected in 2005 by Howie Green, on the Tasseq Western Slope, Narsaq, Kujalleq, Greenland.

Images taken under short wave UV (top) and visible light (lower). This specimen measures 13 x 7 x 6 cm, and weighs 612 grams.

Fluorescence under short wave UV (254nm) and phosphorescence after short wave. The tugtupite fluoresces cherry red, the hackmanite orange, uranyl-activated analcime green, and an unknown mineral shows a blue response.

The above image shows the fluorescent response under mid wave UV (302nm).

The bright orange fluorescence of the hackmanite dominates the response under long wave UV (365nm), above.

Exposure to short wave UV induces a tenebrescent response, causing the hackmanite to undergo a color change from colorless to pink.

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