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Calcite on Limonitic Gossan, Montreal Mine, Wisconsin

This is an interesting fluorescent calcite specimen from a location not generally known for producing fluorescent minerals. From the Montreal mine in Iron County Wisconsin, it consists of small, grey-colored, platy crystals of calcite on a contrasting red/brown matrix of limonitic gossan. The calcite shows a pink fluorescent response under all UV wavelengths, but is brightest under mid wave UV. The response under short and long wave is only dim to moderately bright. The size of this specimen is 98 x 68 x 38 mm, and it weighs 181 grams.

The Montreal mine was an iron mine located near the town of Montreal, in northern Wisconsin. Production at the mine ceased in 1963. This location is known to produce calcite specimens that show hot pink fluorescence, such as this one.

Calcite from the Montreal mine in northern Wisconsin, seen under mid wave UV (302nm).

Same specimen seen under visible light.

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