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Beautiful Mid Wave UV Fluorescent Calcite from Putnam Co., Indiana

White to tan-colored, bladed calcite crystals on a matrix of solid granular calcite. This specimen was collected from an unknown limestone quarry in Putnam County, Indiana. As seen in the photograph immediately below, the calcite shows a beautiful pink/red colored fluorescent response under mid wave UV. The size of this specimen is 64 x 30 x 26 mm.

Above photograph taken under mid wave UV (302nm).

A similar, but much dimmer response is seen under short wave UV (254 nm).

As shown in the photograph above, ghostly blue/white fluorescence is seen under long wave UV (365 nm).

Same specimen shown under visible light.

This specimen was featured on the cover of the 2020 issue of the Journal of the Fluorescent Mineral Society (vol. 38). See image at lower right.

The photograph of this specimen taken under short wave UV was selected as Mindat Photo of the Day for August 6, 2022.

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