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Fluorite Cubes, Walworth Quarry, Walworth, New York

The Walworth Quarry has been a productive source of highly desirable fluorite specimens for many years. The Walworth fluorites are notable for their sharp, well-formed cubic crystals of astounding clarity, and are often aesthetically perched on a sparkling dolomite matrix, making them fine display specimens. Located approximately 18 miles east of Rochester, New York, in the town of Walworth, the quarry excavates into the sedimentary strata of the Lockport Group (423-427 mya) which primarily consists of dolostone. The rarity and perfection of these fluorite specimens make them highly desirable among mineral collectors. Not generally known, however, is that the Walworth fluorites can also be fluorescent.

This specimen consists of gemmy, water clear fluorite cubes and small calcite crystals on a limestone matrix. As seen in the above photograph, taken under short wave UV (254nm), the fluorite and calcite both show a similar white fluorescent response. The limestone matrix is also fluorescent, and provides an aesthetic tan background to the more brightly fluorescent fluorite and calcite crystals. The size of this specimen is 49 x 44 x 34 mm.

The above photograph shows a close-up view of the large cluster of fluorite cubes seen under short wave UV.

As seen in the following gallery images, this specimen is also fluorescent under long wave UV and is phosphorescent following exposure to both wavelengths.

The image panel above shows full view (top row) and close-up (bottom row) images taken under visible light, short wave UV, short wave phosphorescence, long wave UV and long wave phosphorescence (L to R). Click on the individual thumbnails for a larger view.

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