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Calcite and Sulfur from the Maybee Quarry, Maybee, Michigan

A fluorescent beauty from the Midwest. Yes, there are fluorescent minerals in the Midwest! Brightly fluorescent/phosphorescent calcite rhombs on yellow sulfur crystals, from the Maybee quarry, Maybee, Monroe Co., Michigan. In the close-up view below, the calcite crystals can be seen fluorescing blue/white under long wave UV. Although the sulfur appears to be dimly fluorescent also, this is an illusion caused by the translucency of the sulfur transmitting the fluorescent light emitted by the calcite.

Close-up view of brightly fluorescent calcite rhombs on an underlying cluster of non-fluorescent sulfur crystals, from the Maybee quarry in Michigan. Seen under long wave UV (365nm).

As can be seen in the following scrolling images, the calcite is brightly fluorescent under both long and short wave UV and is also strongly phosphorescent. The fluorescent response is brightest under long wave UV, but the strongest phosphorescence occurs following short wave UV.

Mouse over the scrolling images for UV wavelength information.

The scrolling images below show full-view photographs of the same specimen taken under visible and UV light.

Full view of specimen. Mouse over the scrolling images for UV wavelength information.

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