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Greenland Fantasy Rock, a Spectacular, Multi-Colored Fluorescent Treat from the Taseq Slope

This is an excellent example of Greenland Fantasy Rock, showing a beautiful multi-colored, multi-wavelength fluorescent response under various UV wavelengths. The term "Fantasy Rock" was coined by Greenland Mineral collector Mark Cole (and creator of the Nature's Rainbows website), and refers to a group of rocks found on the Taseq Slope within the Ilimaussaq Complex in the Narsaq area of southern Greenland that typically contain an assemblage of brightly fluorescent tugtupite, sodalite, analcime, and chkalovite. The following photograph illustrates the striking multi-colored, multi-wavelength nature of the fluorescent response of Greenland Fantasy Rock.

As can be seen in the photo montage above, cherry-red fluorescent tugtupite and pale blue analcime dominate the fluorescent response under short wave UV, with patches of sodalite showing subdued orange fluorescence. A similar response is seen under mid wave UV, but the response of the tugtupite shifts to a more orange color and the sodalite is a bit brighter. Under long wave UV the tugtupite fluoresces a salmon-orange color; and the sodalite comes alive, showing a firey bright orange response.

Seen under short wave UV (254nm), the tugtupite shows a cherry-red fluorescent response, the analcime is pale blue/white, sodalite orange and chkalovite green.

As seen in the photograph above, fluorescence under mid wave UV (302nm) is similar to that seen under short wave except that the tugtupite shows a more orange response and the orange fluorescence of the sodalite is somewhat brighter.

Greenland Fantasy Rock seen under long wave UV (365nm). The tugtupite now fluoresces a salmon-orange color, and the sodalite comes alive with a bright orange response.

Same specimen shown under visible light. Light colored analcime and green/grey sodalite provide a matrix for pink tugtupite and black needle-shaped crystals of arfvedsonite. This rock is mildly radioactive, and emits approximately 200-300 cpm.

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