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Spectacular 3-Color Fluorescent Beauty from the Land of Enchantment

This stunning fluorescent rock features a beautiful 3-color combination of calcite, willemite and fluorite and is part of a find made by New Mexico based collectors Ken and Gail Hennig, who found several pieces of this material while on a collecting trip in the area of Hidalgo County, New Mexico. Ken and Gail named this find "Enchantment Rock" after the state of New Mexico- the Land of Enchantment. The size of this striking specimen is 71 x 69 x 50 mm, and it weighs 268 grams.

The above photograph shows the spectacular 3-color fluorescent response of this "Enchantment Rock" under full-wave UV (SW+MW+LW). The calcite fluoresces red, the fluorite blue, and the willemite green.

Under short wave UV (254 nm), the willemite shows bright green fluorescence and the calcite shows a red response. Under this wavelength, the fluorite only glows a dim purple.

As shown above, the willemite shows bright and lasting green phosphorescence/afterglow following exposure to short wave UV (254 nm).

Under long wave UV (365 nm) the blue fluorescence of the fluorite dominates this specimen, while the willemite and calcite show only a dim response.

Under visible light, this rock looks quite unremarkable, and provides little clue to its beauty under UV light.

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