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A quatuor of fluorescent fluorites

Anyone with a basic fluorescent minerals collection has a blue-fluorescing fluorite, the most common color in fluorescent fluorites; many also have cream-white fluorescing fluorites (either the so-called "rootbeer" fluorite, or "non-rootbeer" amber colored ones like the one shown here). Red fluorescing fluorites are much less common, even though they're gaining popularity quite fast. I was aware that some fluorites glow violet under UV, but had a hard time finding one (it was also the only color missing in my longwave display, and since it's one of my favorite colors, I tried hard to find one until I recently did).

All four fluoresce brightly under longwave; the blue, the red and the cream-white are the brightest, followed by the violet one which is still quite bright; just enough for a display, if placed on the upper step closer to the lamp.

Violet, top left: Bessó mine (Sant Antoni Mines), Ulldemolins, Priorat, Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain - 8,7 cm X 6,1 cm X 5 cm

Red, top right: Morocco - 7,7 cm X 6,9 cm X 5 cm

Blue, bottom left: Rogerley Mine, Rogerley Quarry, Stanhope, County Durham, England - 8,8 cm X 5,6 cm X 3,7 cm

Cream-white, bottom right: Flamborough Quarry, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada - 13,3 cm X 9,1 cm X 6,9 cm

Shown fluorescing under longwave; visible light pictures below the glow pic.

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