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Agrellite, with albite and uranyl-activated green fluorescence from Kipawa, Quebec, Canada

Nice three colors combo from the famous Kipawa alkaline complex in Western Quebec, Canada.

I like how well balanced the colors are on this specimen; dull red shortwave UV fluorescing albite is present in the lower portion; brightly fluorescing agrellite (quite bright under shortwave, best under midwave, and dull orange under longwave) is concentrated in the upper portion, and uranyl-activated green fluorescence is spread roughly in the center. Generous amounts of gemmy red eudialyte make this specimen look pretty nice in visible light too. Moderately radioactive beige colored thorite is present on the specimen.

In the gallery below are shown, respectively, the shortwave UV response, then midwave and longwave UV and finally, the specimen is shown in white light.

Size: 14,7 cm X 8,1 cm X 3,4 cm



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