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"Apple green" willemite from Franklin, New Jersey

Shown in this post is my very first good quality specimen of "apple green" willemite aka "daylight willemite" from the world famous Franklin Mining District, Sussex County, New Jersey. Before I recently acquired it, the only specimen of "apple green" willemite I had was much smaller, and had much less fluorescent coverage (it contained a lot of non-fluorescent franklinite grains).

Like other specimens of this variety of willemite, the green color is much more vibrant in daylight, due to the fact that the blue light and UV components of sunlight trigger "daylight fluorescence". It also fluoresces under 450 nm blue LED light. It is incredibly bright under shortwave UV, and also pretty bright under longwave UV.

Shown respectively below: Shortwave UV, longwave UV, blue light (450 nm) fluorescence, and lastly, the specimen is shown in visible light (white LED light).

Size: 7,6 cm X 4,5 cm X 3 cm

Shortwave UV

Longwave UV

Blue light (450 nm) fluorescence

Visible light (white LED)

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