• Frédéric Messier Leroux

Bright 3 colors fluorescent calcite from Cap-Chat, Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec, Canada

Small but pretty nice cabinet specimen of highly fluorescent calcite from a rarely heard-of locality in the Gaspe peninsula (Gaspésie) in eastern Quebec, Canada. Under daylight, this specimen is quite ordinary - just a small plate of clear rhombohedral calcite crystals, with a frosted surface; but under UV, it shows a nice three colors response. The massive calcite underneath the crystals glows bright white (mostly visible under longwave; under midwave and shortwave, the bright red response of the crystals dominates). The red fluorescing crystals also show yellow fluorescing areas; again, this is mostly visible under longwave, since the red response is weakest under this wavelength. Under midwave, the red response dominates, and is really bright.

Big specimens are pretty hard to find in this area, since most veins are pretty narrow; but on occasion, bigger display pieces are found.

Size: 6,2 cm X 5,1 cm X 2,2 cm

Midwave UV response

Shortwave UV

Longwave UV

Visible light

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