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Brightly fluorescent ruby from India

While not being a high-end specimen since the ruby is not crystallized, this specimen is still a nice addition to my longwave UV cabinet. It consists of small grains (up to ~3 mm) of corundum var. ruby in a fuchsite matrix. The rubies are surrounded by some sort of reaction rim that shows a weak blue response under longwave - I have no idea what mineral this is; in white light, it is a darker green than the surrounding fuchsite.

The brightest response is under 395 nm; but the difference between the response to 395 nm and 365 nm is not significant enough to take pictures under both. The specimen reacts brightly to blue light (450 nm), as well as green light (530 nm). As soon as I have the required filters, I will take pictures of the blue light and green light fluorescence and edit this post.

Shown respectively: 365 nm LW UV fluorescence, and the specimen in visible light.

Size: 7,6 cm X 4,6 cm X 2,7 cm

Longwave UV

Visible light.



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