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Calcite Fluorite from Berta quarry, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

The Berta quarry is an inactive quarry located on the northwest slope of the Sierra de Roques Blanques, in the municipalities of San Cugat and El Papiol in the city of Barcelona.

It is believed that the Iberians were the first to work these seams, although there is no record of the exploitation of the galena and silver mines until Roman times. From these centuries until the beginning of the 20th century, an extensive network of galleries and wells dedicated to the extraction of these minerals was created. In 1921 the farm was awarded Berta Cardoner Bouvard, who will give it the name that has survived to this day.

The Berta mine and quarry is considered the cradle of Catalan mineralogy and the most visited mineral deposit in Catalonia.

Fluorite activator, Eu2 + with Ce3 + peaks.

Ce3 + is also the activator for fluorescence in this Calcite.

MW - SW - LW - NL.

Shot under Medium Wave 312nm

Shot under Short Wave

Shot under Long Wave

White calcite rhombohedra on green fluorite octagons on granite matrix

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