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Calcite on Fluorite from Moscona Mine, Spain.

Moscona Mine, located in El Pontón de Solís region, town of Corvera de Asturias, in Spain.

The fluorite in this location appears in the form of large clusters of cubic crystals, of a honey yellow color, generally smaller than 2 cm, transparent and bright in some cases like this one with a very nice zoned white fluorescence.It is commonly associated with large calcite crystals, forming very aesthetic specimens with great contrast.

The size of this piece is 14 x 11 cm with fluorite crystals up to 2.2 cm, they are quite unusual on which there is a large, very aerial scalenohedral calcite crystal.

Fluorite fluoresces under any wavelength and Calcite only under the medium wave which is without a doubt the best answer for this piece.

Under Medium Wave UV Light

Under visible light

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