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Chkalovite, tugtupite, analcime, sodalite, etc, from Taseq West, Greenland

Shown here is a pretty neat specimen, consisting mostly of sodalite (highly tenebrescent), along with chkalovite, and minor amounts of tugtupite, analcime and uranyl salts, from Taseq West, Ilímaussaq complex, Kujalleq, Greenland. What I like the most about this specimen, is the fact that it contains large phenocrystals of chkalovite that fluoresces in a lilac/violet color under shortwave, which I think is not so common.

Other sides of the specimen have a better fluorescent coverage, but consist mostly of sodalite grains. The face shown in this post is, in my opinion at least, the most interesting.

Size: 9,5 cm X 7,6 cm X 5,6 cm

Shown in the gallery below: SW, MW, LW, Tenebrescence, Natural color.

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