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Fantasy Rock from Taseq Slope, Ilímaussaq complex, Narsaq, Kujalleq, Greenland

This specimen is one of my favorite in my small Greenland fluorescent minerals collection. It consists of the typical mineral assemblage (tugtupite, chkalovite, sodalite, analcime, natrolite, uranyl salts) nicknamed "fantasy rock" by many fluorescent minerals enthusiasts.

As usual, its most interesting response is under shortwave; but it looks pretty neat under midwave too.

Shown respectively in the gallery below: Shortwave + longwave combined (I shined a convoy-type flashlight on the sodalite for a brief moment during a long exposure photo), midwave, longwave, tenebrescence, natural color, then closeups in the same order.

Size: 11,5 cm X 8 cm X 3,3 cm

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