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Fluorapatite on Matrix, Durango, Mexico

A palm-sized plate of brightly fluorescent fluorapatite crystals on a matrix of unknown identity. As shown in the photograph below, the apatite crystals show bright lavender fluorescence under mid wave UV. Although the specific mine location is not known with certainty, it is likely the Cerro de Mercado Mine. This specimen measures 11.1 x 8.8 x 5.0 cm, and weighs 254 grams.

Fluorescence under mid wave UV (302 nm). The apatite crystals show a beautiful lavender response, while the matrix shows a minor green response, likely due to trace uranyl content. Similar, but duller and dimmer fluorescence is seen under short wave UV (254 nm), with little to no response under long wave UV (365 nm).

Same specimen shown under visible light. Yellow-green colored fluorapatite crystals sit on a light-colored matrix of unknown identity.


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