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Fluorapatite var."Spargelstein" from Jumilla, Spain.

Fluorapatite var."Spargelstein" on Hematite (not fluo) covered with small spheres of Calcite and Chalcedony.

From Nuestra Señora del Carmen mine, La Celia Volcano, Jumilla, Murcia, Spain.

Historic site and world known especially for its magnificent Fluorapatite crystals known since the 18th century.The species was named "Chrysolithe d'Espagne" (after Romé de L'Isle) and was also known by the names "Spargelstein" (Werner) and "Esparraguina" (in Spanish) due to the resemblance of the crystals to the stems of the asparagus.

The unusual orange SW Lavender MW fluorescence in these Fluorapatites is activated by Sm3

SW - MW - LW - Vis.

Shot under SW

Shot under MW

Shot under LW

Shot under visible light




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