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Hackmanite from Narsaq, Illmaussaq complex, Greenland

Shown in this post is a modest-sized, but pretty nice specimen of hackmanite from Narsaq, Illmaussaq complex, Greenland. It is associated with natrolite (green under shortwave & midwave UV, and very weak green under longwave UV), non fluorescent aegyrine, and some SW & MW white fluorescing and phosphorescent unknown mineral.

The hackmanite is very nicely tenebrescent upon exposure to both SW & MW, and also moderately LW (unlike some LW tenebrescent hackmanite, it doesn't change color when left in the sun).

Shown in the gallery below, respectively: SW fluorescence, SW phosphorescence, MW, LW, SW tenebrescence, Natural color.

Size: 5,1 cm X 5,1 cm X 5,0 cm



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