• Frédéric Messier Leroux

LW, MW & SW tenebrescent hackmanite - Sudbury District, Ontario, Canada

Shown here is a nice cabinet-sized specimen of sodalite var. hackmanite, from a recent find in the District of Sudbury, in Ontario, Canada. It is associated with feldspar, which fluoresces dull red under SW (stronger in person than in the SW picture shown in the slideshow below); and the face of the specimen, which was split along a crack in the rock, is partially covered with greenish fluorescing calcite that once filled the crack. This calcite coating is phosphorescent upon exposure to all UV wavelengths (LW shown); the hackmanite is nicely tenebrescent upon exposure to both SW and MW (only SW is shown here), and also mildly tenebrescent upon LW exposure.

In the slideshow below, are shown, respectively: longwave UV fluorescence, LW phosphorescence of the calcite, LW tenebrescence, MW fluorescence, SW fluorescence, SW tenebrescence and lastly, natural color.

Size: 10,3 cm X 7,9 cm X 3,1 cm

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