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LW, MW & SW tenebrescent hackmanite - Sudbury District, Ontario, Canada

Small but pretty nice specimen of sodalite var. hackmanite, from a recent find in the District of Sudbury, in Ontario, Canada. It is associated with non fluorescent feldspar, and some blueish-white fluorescing calcite. This calcite shows a green phosphorescence upon exposure to all UV wavelengths (LW shown); the hackmanite is nicely tenebrescent upon exposure to all wavelengths (darkest upon SW exposure, as usual, but pretty dark LW too).

In the slideshow below, are shown, respectively: longwave UV fluorescence, LW phosphorescence of the calcite, LW tenebrescence, MW fluorescence, SW fluorescence, SW tenebrescence and lastly, natural color.

Size: 4 cm X 4 cm X 2,3 cm

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