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LW red fluorescing fluorite from Morocco

Shown here is a nice specimen of rare red-fluorescing fluorite from the Taourirt Province, Oriental Region, Morocco, that I recently acquired.

Berbes, Spain and Mapimi, Mexico are well-known localities for the rare red fluorescing fluorites, but I believe Morocco is a bit less-known for those. I also have a specimen from Berbes, and the one from Morocco is comparable, both in brightness and in the color of the fluorescence; therefore I will post only my Moroccan specimen, since Berbes fluorite specimens of a much better quality than mine have already been uploaded here.

The specimen is shown fluorescing under a display longwave light (flood type, not a focused beam like flashlights). The specimen is shown in white light in the last image.

Size: 7,7 cm X 6,9 cm X 5 cm

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