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LW violet fluorite from the Rogers Mine, Madoc, Ontario, Canada

Fluorite specimens from this locale are quite popular, especially in Canada, among collectors of "white light minerals", but rarely heard-of as fluorescent minerals. Other specimens I've seen either barely reacted to UV, or were simply non fluorescent; however this one is an exception. While not fluorescing very brightly, it is still a nice candidate for a LW display, if placed closer to the lamp, because of its pretty uncommon violet longwave response, and subtle zoning in its UV response.

As it is often the case, the fluorite on this miniature specimen is associated with white baryte, which, alas, is non-fluorescent.

Shown fluorescing under longwave UV in the first image, then in visible light in the last image.

Size: 6,4 cm X 5,3 cm X 2,4 cm



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