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Quartz with fluorescent hydrocarbon inclusions, from the Grant Quarry near Greely, Ontario, Canada

While not being spectacularly bright, this specimen is still pretty interesting because fluorescent inclusions in quartz crystals from Canadian locales are rarely heard-of. In fact, I think this specimen is currently the only one from this locale having been posted online; more will probably surface eventually, since many Canadian collectors have specimens from this now inaccessible locale in their collections. This specimen was part of a lot I obtained in a trade with a friend of mine. Its fluorescence is at its best under longwave UV; the specimen is also quite pretty in visible light.

Size: 2,1 cm X 2 cm X 1,3 cm

Longwave UV response

Specimen shown in visible light. Its slightly smoky color, transparency and high lustre make it quite aesthetic in visible light.



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