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Sodalite (Hackmanite) with Chkalovite, Phosphorescent Greenland

Greenland offers up some of the most interesting pieces of hackmanite, usually with the brightest fluorescence. This piece checks all the boxes - greenish fluorescing chkalovite, orange fluorescing sodalite, and even some minor dots of tugtupite. Upon exposure to SW UV, the sodalite darkens its natural color to a deep grape purple. Exposure to a bright white light fades this color back to original. The effect is repeatable, can be demonstrated over and over. Unlike Afghanistan hackmanite the color fades in seconds with a bright white light.

Another comparison to Afghanistan - very common to see phosphorescent sodalite in Afghan pieces, but not so in Greenland pieces. This is an example of the much less common pieces, showing strongly phosphorescent sodalite in several areas.

Locality: Tunuliarfik, Ilimaussaq Complex, Greenland



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