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Tugtupite from Greenland

Cute little specimen of tugtupite, associated with chkalovite (assumed ID), along with some uranyl-activated green fluorescence, plus some blue fluorescing unknown, from the Ilímaussaq complex, Narsaq, Kujalleq, Greenland, recently acquired in a trade.

Under shortwave UV (shown in the first image of the slideshow below), the tugtupite fluoresces bright red, and the chkalovite fluoresces white (the green fluorescing mineral is probably also chkalovite, but could be something else either). Under midwave UV (second picture), the fluorescence of the tugtupite shifts to a pinkish color, and under longwave UV (third picture) it turns orange. The fourth picture shows the pink tenebrescence of the tugtupite, and the fifth picture shows its natural color after "bleaching" the tenebrescence with a bright white LED light.

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